What is Contango?

Contango is a unique decentralized exchange offering expirable futures without order books or liquidity pools. When a trader opens a position, the protocol borrows on the fixed-rate market, swaps on the spot market, then lends back on the fixed-rate market. Contango offers physical delivery and a minimal price impact for larger trades.
Opening a futures position on Contango

Contango main features

🔁 Linear and inverse contracts

Choose between linear and inverse contracts, pick an expiry date, define leverage and forget about the unpredictable costs of funding rates.

🤓 Synthetic futures

Contango borrows on the fixed-rate market, swaps on the spot market, and lends back on the fixed rate market to replicate the cash flow of a futures position.

🌊 Minimal price impact

Contango doesn’t need its own liquidity pool. Instead, it takes advantage of the deep liquidity pools of underlying protocols to offer a minimal price impact for any trade size.

🛠️ DeFi composability

Every position is tokenized as an NFT enabling other projects to easily build on top of Contango.

Physical delivery

At expiry, Contango directly delivers you the asset for the price set when the position was opened, thus eliminating risks associated with index price manipulation.
Last modified 4mo ago